Gas Harakiri

Recently, everyone was shocked by the damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which were the main route for Russian gas to Germany and Europe. The moment images of gas leaking from the pipelines appeared in the media, speculation began about who was responsible. The mainstream media immediately started blaming Russia. But some were more cautious. Germany promised an investigation. But all is quiet. So did someone really "dump" the pipelines into the sea?

In this context, it is interesting to see that the media do not tell us much about the problem of gas pipelines to Germany. Nobody wants to give any details. There are a few shots everywhere that confirm the gas leak. But nowhere does any expert in the field of physics appear. Politicians or military analysts have been talking everywhere. It's strange, but cautionary at the same time. Who would be served by damaging the pipelines? There aren't many candidates, and especially not in the current energy crisis. We know who the loser is - it is Germany, but also the Czech Republic.

If the pipelines are indeed irreparably damaged, what will happen to them? Will we leave them at the bottom of the Baltic, where they will be a blight on the sea? Or will they be repaired? Why, if everyone says they don't need Russian gas. Is that really the case? There is a ban on selling Russian gas on the stock exchange, so it has physically fallen out, but it can still be traded. The demand has not gone anywhere. Isn't Russia building liquefied gas terminals in the Northern Sea Route? Obviously, trade will continue. It is only Europe that has shot itself in the foot and is committing gas harakiri.

But back to the Nord Stream pipelines. It is very mysterious that the damage occurred just a few days after the Germans demonstrated for the opening of Nord Stream 2. But where are the exact photos of the leaky pipeline? After all, there is no gas in the pipelines any more, so why did someone not send a submarine in there long ago to find out exactly what happened? There's just some animation that's been offered to us over and over again by the media. I wonder what the pressure is at the depth where the pipelines are? How big a charge was necessary to cause the damage? How many TNT equivalents did it actually take? We don't know those details at all. It's just fear mongering.

Personally, I believe the real culprit will never be found out. Most of the Western world will blame Russia, which is supposedly comfortable with not having to do maintenance on the pipeline. Some will blame Ukraine, because it suits it, because functioning pipelines pass through its territory. The US may also be blamed, as it is comfortable with the high price of gas because it produces LNG. But it could also be the UK, which is no longer in the European Union but also has its own gas reserves. There are several possible players in the global chaos, but the Chinese dragon is likely to emerge from the shadows, recognising the need to cooperate with Russia as well.